Disapearing guide lines

I dunno why this started happening in my model - I drag a guide line with the measure tool to a point and the dashed line disappears. I have the model in hidden line, SU pro 2018, win 10, and the function was working fine 2 min ago. I closed SU and restarted it, same thing.

Has this happened to anybody else?


Have you looked whether view guides is on?


I don’t understand - they were there and then they weren’t. Q - How do you turn view guides off or on? Is it something you can hit accidentally? I always thought it was always on.


Go to the View Menu and see if it has a tick next to it, if not click it to toggle guides on.

When view-> guides is off and you use the tape measure tool, you will see a candidate guide as you move the mouse and a guide will actually be created when you click. But as soon as it is created it gets hidden due to the setting (yeah, that’s a bit strange but that’s how it works). The guide will appear when you change the view setting. The setting is saved in the active style of the model, so it will continue to affect all guides in that model until you change the setting.

I don’t know how you happened to turn view->guides off. Unlike the notorious “back edges” toggle, there is no default shortcut for guides that you could have hit by accident.

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I tried that - it’s currently ticked. When I unticked it, it replicated the problem exactly. I had switched styles midway through drawing to hidden line so I could print a plan like version for a client. Could that be an attribute of the style? So I just switched styles to test the theory. However, I could still view the guide line. So that’s eliminated as a possible cause.

I must have accidentally un ticked it, but for the life of me I can’t think of any reason why I would open that pulldown menu.

Maybe I accidentally hit a keyboard shortcut that did that? I sometimes miss shift and hit ctrl. Or missed the backspace and hit one of the Fkeys. That’s the only thing I can think of that could have caused it.


It’s easy to see if you’ve got a keyboard shortcut set up for View/Guides. As you can see, I don’t.


It’s possible that a style might have guides turned off. You can check in the Styles Edit tab. I’m not aware of any native styles that have them turned off by default, though.