Guide lines multipe copies

im new to the community and know sketchup basic level
I use the guide tool a lot and for some reason its giving multipe copies (like shadows) when I use tape (guide) line to offset anything! it totally clutters my models and its so difficlut to navigate around them.
could anyone please help with this!

couldn’t find anything on youtube to help with the issue

Thank you

Can you upload a SketchUp file that shows these multiple guidelines?

The most common reason I can think of for that to happen is if you have multiple instances of a component and you have one of them open for editing while placing the guidelines.

If that’s what’s going on, close the component before placing the guidelines.

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yess! that’s what the problem is. Thank you!!
I was flustered with those extra lines

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It can be useful sometimes but yes, it can also be annoying.