Why dates in layout are still only in english

Why are the dates in Layout are only in English?
I guess it’s such a complicated problem to solve, and of such little interest to anyone, that there’s really no reason to solve it.
the request has already been dealt with here:
Nevertheless, I’d like to raise it again. Maybe someone at trimble will be interested.


there are several translation issues in SU and layout, on mac and / or on PC, and that’s one.

name of the month are not translated to french

to add more substance,

Layout and sketchup in french, on a french machine.

when editing the way dates are formatted, the menu is giving me the month MMMM in french, Janvier for January.
however, as you can see topside, the actual text will write May (Mai), April (Avril) or October (Octobre), September (Septembre)

Same with the day of the week. In the dropdown menu it’s in french, the short version even becomes JJJ and JJJJ (J for Jour, => day)
but JJJJ doesn’t work, clicking on it will type DDDD and tell me it’s Tuesday instead of Mardi

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automated dates have been useless in french for the past 2 years.

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C’est une merde !
Ce n’est pas au-delà de l’esprit de l’homme d’avoir réparé des choses comme ça il y a des années…


Hi all, thanks (again) for bringing this to our attention and sorry we missed it last time. I will open an issue to capture this bug.



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