Layout language is not following SketchUp language or computer system language

Dear Community,

My location is in Vienna(German speaking area), but i set my window 10 with English.

After I update to SketchUp 2020 (the latest version ), I find that, my SketchUp is in English, but the Layout is in German.

I delete the “German folder” in Layout install folder, and it turns out in half German and half English interface!

this is very confusing and disturbing. Can someone give an idea?

Liebe Grüsse ~

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Would like to know the answer to this one as well.

Maybe @colin could provide some insight.

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I think that the language is based on your region settings, not your language settings. If you have your language preference set to English but region set to Germany, it may well show in German.

The tray items are affected by whether you have added the language pack.

@WebHorst may know more.

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@Eduedofiona How did you set your system to be English? You actually need to change you system’s Region Format and Location.

To do that, go to “Region & Language Settings” in the Control Panel. On the “Country or region” screen, click on the “Additional date, time, & regional settings” link at the bottom of the page.

That launches a screen where you can click on “Change location” to bring up the Region dialog, where you should set the Format to “English (United States)” and Location to “United States.”

After doing that, let us know if the problem is either resolved or looks different in any way.

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I just updated to 2020.2 and both Setchup and LO surprisingly changed to swedish eventhough I downloaded the english version. Did you find an answer to this? I am located in Sweden but I definetely don´t want the swedish verson. Did you mean my whole system need to change region, isn´t it up to me wich version I dowwnload, I mean why is there even an option in the download then?

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Ok, found how to change it! There is a possibility to change the language for the actual program only in the systems control panel (Mac). Added both SU and LO and chose english and when I reopened now the english version is back. :smiley:

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I have the same problem since the 2020.02 update. But my MacOS system is 10.14. Your image capture I think is from 10.15. Does anyone have a solution for 10.14?

same problem on Windows 10. So half french / half English in my case.
The worst is that I already battled with that when installing Sketchup. Before you could just unselect the french language pack and voila. But now you have to mess with windows settings which is annoying. I uninslatted / restarted / changed regionnal settings several times before I finally got Sketchup to display only in english…
and now that I started LAyout I see that I have the same problem than the OP.

So this is new for me, I had no problem with the spring update.

Have you tried to change language here?

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