Language Issue


I have an language issue with SketchUp 2024.
I cannot install it in English.

I’m French and I work on Mac OS Ventura 13.4 in French, but I like to have my SketchUp app in English.

I’ve never had any problems so far with SketchUp and my 2023 current version is in English.

The first time I installed SketchUp 2024, my Trimble profile was set to “Country or Region: France” and “Language: French”.

I deleted the app and changed the preferences to “Country or Region: United States” and “Language: English (United States)”, but SketchUp 2024 remains in French.

May I ask you some help, please?

Thank in advance.

On Mac, SketchUp includes all languages. You don’t need to change your region or language settings.

Go into the system settings, in the Language & Region section, and look at the Applications part at the bottom.

Add SketchUp to the list, either by clicking the + button, or by dragging SketchUp into the list. After that you should get the popup menu, and have English as one of the languages you can select. Then open SketchUp, and it should be in English.


Thank you very much for your prompt help.

Please update your forum profile to show you’ve updated to SketchUp 2024

I didn’t know Mac had a setting for this. Wish SketchUp for Windows could add a setting too because this has bugged me for years.