Change language?

How do you change the language in SketchUp?

For SketchUp 2017 Make? What language do you want to change it to?

I want to de able to switch between Swedish and English sometimes when people help me in English and I’m not sure what it’s called in Swedish.

Cut and paste into Google translate does a reasonable effort to get an approximation in most European languages.

Klipp ut och klistra in i Google translate gör en rimlig insats för att få en approximation på de flesta europeiska språk.

Older versions required different installers, so you need to install the english version and name it differently, otherwise your current will be overwritten.

You can force the language by adding a -lang parameter to your shortcut that launches SketchUp, like -lang "en-US" or -lang "es"

But, you would need to have those language packs installed.

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but not on Mac, though… :wink: