Changing SketchUp language

Unfortunately I instaled SketchUp and it comes in Portuguese.
How do I change to English?

I download today SketchUp Make 2015 German version because i had first the english version on my iMAC.
My problem is, i try to instal Sketchup German version but after each installation Sketchup is in English and not in German. I looks like that the download file is in English and not in German. I use the free version.
Before I start with the installation, i remove the english version with AppCleaner. After the first installation with the german version i remove manually all files following the instruction on Sketchup website. Can someone help me to get the German version on my iMac.
Sorry for my bad english.

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if the locale setting of the operating system is configured to English this may lead the German SU version to fallback and run as English version too.

Today i found also the solution. I life in Netherland and my OS is on dutch language. When i change to german language, sketchup is then in german. I have the same problems with my mobile phone. Is there a possibility to use Sketchup in german if the OS is working on a different language?

you can add a command line parameter for launching SU in German by right clicking the SU icon and editing the properties of the destination link by adding a “/Sketchup.exe -lang de”.

does work only if the appropriate SU language directory is available: “/resources/de/”

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I installed the software in english and later ai change my mind an tryed to change the language from english to portuguese. It was no possible. So what I have done to fixed the problem was the following:

1 - Re install the sketchup up in Portuguese (it doesnt gave me any change at all. At this point it was still running in English);

2 - Go to the folder “program files/SketchUp 2016/resources”

3 - open the folder “en-US”, than I copy its content to a new folder;

4 - open the folder “pt-br” than copy its contents to the folder “en-US”

5 - close all and Start the Sketchup by its icon.


it is possible (see above) with the Portuguese version without the need for copying language ressources.

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Don’t do this. Especially if you haven’t launched the program and then go mucking with internal resources - Apple will make the program unlaunchable. Switch your language and locale for the system, and it will pick it up.

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He’s PC user…
Not a MACee.
However, what you have said stands in principle.
Change system settings, don’t mess with resources…

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Solo elimina la carpeta.
C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\resources
y deja la carpeta EN-US o segun sea el caso.