SketchUp 2021 switch language

Hi, I downloaded the OSX 2021 version on the SU website and installed on my mac, but language is always german when I open.
How can I switch to english???

German macOS?

go to the macOS System Preferences > Language and Region > choose the App tab and add SketchUp to the list. Set the language there and (re)start SketchUp.

With SketchUp for macOS all common langages are built in whereas the Windows version does download and install all further selected languages (besides the default English) during the installation.


Just speak louder, its always work for the English.

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So, choosing English as main language worked. But that switches my whole operating system to English, which I find sort of annoying…

In my version of MacOs the “Apps”-Tab doesn’t exist.

Ai, it was introduced with Catalina,I suppose.
Close Sketchup,
Open Terminal, type:

defaults write com.sketchup.SketchUp.2021 AppleLanguages '("de")'

hit enter.

to change back, type:

defaults write com.sketchup.SketchUp.2021 AppleLanguages '("en-US")'

Use at own risk… :smiley:

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Hi Mike,
that’s a wonderful idea. Works like a charm. A year ago I asked this the Trimble/SU support. They were totally clueless. How can that be the case?
How can I buy you a beer?

PS: Do you happen where this preference is stored? ~Library?



string is called Applelanguages (!)

They don’t drink beer…