Start LO in other language?

On PC SketchUp can be started in any of the installed languages by using the -lang parameter (e.g. add it to the shortcut target).

However this doesn’t seem to work for LayOut. I’d very much like to start it in a custom language and see what phrases it uses so I can make my extensions consistent.

Just found a super hacky way. Rename the resource folder of the desired language to a language code matching your locale* setting.

Would be nice though with something more versatile, like different desktop shortcuts for different languages.

(*Yeah, I know this is often intepreted as a langauge setting, and maybe even intended to be that, but the way it is exposed in the UI it is a locale setting)

would be nicer if the language could be simply switched from inside SU/LO:

If delivering all language ressources would result in a bloated setup routine, the desired language ressources could be downloaded and activated at demand.

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That’s exactly how my extensions work. The only thing that requires a restart are the menus and toolbars. It’d be great if SU could do the same!


“Deutsche” => “Deutsch”

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Thanks! The fix will be rolled out with the next version.

I have the same problem in layout 2020 - I even uninstalled Skp and removed the swedish langugage option, and Skp now starts in english - but the top menu in Layout is still in swedish. How do i change it into english?

you can’t, unfortunately.