Preferences: Option to change the Language

When you install SU you get the option to choose additional language packs.

After the installation you cannot choose one of those languages manually.

One reason could be:
The mother language of a user is not english and he likes to take part in this forum. Than it would be helpful to switch to the english interface, because than he could use the correct names of functions and commands.

Another usecase:
The user is working at a model together with a partner, who speaks another language than himself. It would be very helpful to be able to switch the language.

Please think about adding an option to change the language manually. Thanks.

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At least on Windows you can force a language on a per session basis by adding a lang parameter to the command, e.g. append “–lang en” in the Target of the desktop shortcut. I have shortcuts for starting SketchUp in English, Swedish and German.

However it would be nice with a more persistent setting, e.g. in the SketchUp Preferences window, and also use this setting when starting SketchUp by double clicking a file.

Especially now that the installer allows multiple languages it is extra weird not to have such an option exposed in SketchUp itself.

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Thanks for the hint.
As we can see, the wish exist at least since 2017.

I really hope, the feature will be integrated soon.

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I hope this too! We are kind of half way there with the installer. All we need is a setting saved somewhere telling SketchUp what language to use, and the UI for changing it.

I don’t mind if it requires a restart to get the menus in the new language.