Set Date format for Auto-text?


I use the English version of SU/LO (so the menus correspond to english tutorials etc.) on a German Win10_64.
The auto-text tag < DatumGeändert > (Date changed)
creates Dezember 28, 2016, where i would like 28.12.2016

Can this be changed anywhere?

Besides the fact that i did not find a way to set a date-format, that’s a surprising behaviour:

The auto-tag AND the result is in german, even though all the UI is in EN.
So the lang. seems to be taken from the System.
But the format is an American format, Month DD, YYYY

I somehow suspect this to be a bug… i would expect the system-settings for dates would be used.
Or no, i think at least the format should be a setting in SU/LO …


The date format for different auto texts are set in LayOut, under File > Document Setup > Auto-Text.