Why cant I safe my preferences in SUP 2023?

Why cant I save my workspace preferences in Sketchup Pro 2023? I go to preferences, there is no opton to save a preference file anymore. I have to go through the stupid process of setting up my tool bars the way I want them every time I open a file. Is there a new way to safe preferences in 2023 that I’m not aware of?

Typically the sort of thing you describe has been associated with incorrect installation of SketchUp and the OS preventing the required files from being written in the required folders. Close SketchUp and find the installer file you downloaded. Right click on it, choose Run as administrator, and, when presented with the option, choose Repair. After that has completed, reboot your computer. Open SketchUp, set up your toolbars as needed and create your default template. After saving your file the files should be written and the toolbars should remain where you put them.

BTW, your profile says you are still using SU2019. Please update that.

The settings are saved upon closing (an) instance of SketchUp.
So, open one session only, do the UI customization and then close that instance.
The following instances of SketchUp should adhere those settings.

No. There has been a way to safe a preference file on my local drive so I dont have to fuss around with tool pallettes every time I open a file. Doesnt seem to be a way to do that in 2023

No. I have auto save on (every 5 minutes). The file is being saved. But if I close SU, and then open it back up later, all of my tool pallette are reset to the out of the box default.

I think you are mistaken. There’s never been any need to manually save toolbar locations in SketchUp. It gets done automatically when SketchUp has been installed correctly and when you save a SketchUp file. That makes SketchUp write the .json file that lists the toolbar locations and display states. Same as in SketchUp 2022 and earlier.

I installed SkeetchUp 2023 correctly as I described in my previous post and performed the save as @MikeWayzovski described and my toolbars have all stayed where I put them.

That’s not enough.

I installed 2023 “correctly” by double clicking the installer I downloaded.

Sorry. That’s not installing it correctly. Installing it correctly requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator. Follow the instructions I gave you two hours ago to repair the installation.