Why cant i get tech support, i paid my bill

hey now…maybe we are being to hard here…and missing the big picture…for example…

you really get alot done while the software decides in mid command to do a backup…pick a command…choose your object…pick a reference point then…in mid command…“backup”…and wait …and wait…and wait…and wait…but don;t worry…if you happen to let go of your mouse in that wait…you can always undo…then wait …and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…what is the issue with this ya ask ?..well…lets suppose i didn’t spend half a day some 12 yr old in Japan had put on a blog somewhere 7 years ago title “how was my summer” 3 word response somewhat close to something with the program.

those pesky deadlines ?..
don;t worry about them, your going to miss them all and look like a total ass for a client. and who needs those pesky clients anyways you get a free “wait” icon

software issues ?..
don;t contact tech support for those kinds of minor things. This is software wheras the community is supposed to solve the problems…while at the same time, allowing the profit margin to keep growing.

free travel ?..
usually a perk of the zoom function, I personally like to keep a world map on my drawings, to find out what country i zoomed too…being in the USA i love to see other parts of the world…zoom allows me to see Europe…the middle east…and once in a great while the north pole while trying to zoom to some useful scale where you may actually get some work done. …I’m thinking of switching to a solar system map so i can also enjoy space travel. of sure you’ll have to keep a few computer mice on hand seeing as you’ll spin the current one to a nub trying to get to actually zoom into the point your wanting…this is assuming as your “scrolling” that red hot scroll wheel to a nub…or all the sudden your inside an object, the only way out is to zoom extend where ya started from 20 mins ago. what’s not to love ?

lucky this software allows you to do things while your waiting for the computer to respond…such as …completely rebuild a 57 Chevy…hand plant enough wheat to solve world hunger…watch your new born baby graduate from collage. these and much much more.

so again…lets not forget the benefits of using this software…

i’m currently waiting for tech support to post a “gofundme” account…

Sorry, can’t speak to your issue, but just a friendly side-note, you won’t make any friends on this forum by starting multiple threads on one topic.

It’s actually against the forum guidelines.

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so, i shouldn’t demand the tech support i pay for ?..just pay for it, and get not help ?..

That’s not what I’m saying, I’m just advising that you don’t start identical threads about it, considering that it is expressly forbidden in the SketchUp forum guidelines. Under Keep It Tidy one of the points is “Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics”

Where did you read that in @MobelDesign’s post? He didn’t say that at all. He said it doesn’t help to make multiple posts on the same topic in the forum.

We aren’t affiliated with SketchUp’s Technical Support and we can’t make them contact to you. But maybe we can help you with the problem you’re having. You might try that.


yes…amazingly enough, i am capable of reading, however, if the page locks up and i assume the first never posted , and i try again to post i can almost depend on being harassed over the site not working rather then the topic at hand, whereas i request customer support and their machine hangs up on me ??

If you are having a bad day, don’t take it out on the volunteers on this forum who are willing to try and help. As has already been said, most of them don’t work for Sketchup and give their time willingly to help others.

If you would explain your problem, it is possible someone here can help.


" several attempts have been made by me to solve a tech issue…but all i get is a recording to tranfer to tech support desk, then get hung up on ? "

nice forum ya’all have here. if ya’all jump my backside over a post, again, which i didn’t think posted rather then the topic at hand.

That problem is one we can’t help you with. You can hope that someone from the Sketchup team sees your post, and may be able to respond directly.

But what is ‘the tech issue’? That we might be able to help with.

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Please don’t take it so hard, friend. If you can point out any of my posts that you felt harassed you, I can apologize, but you’ll find that they were just “friendly side-notes.” Now you explained that the site froze, so that’s all fine with me.

As John says, we might be able to help you with your tech issue, if you’ll tell us what it is.

i paid my annual 120.00…now my sketchup up will not work stating that my maintenance agreement has run out, however, i have an e-mail stating the payment was received.

i’m currently sitting on a 2 million dollar project i can not proceed with and needs to be done this week.

without sketchup answering the phone, or making themselves available to help in this matter, sketchup will cost me this project and any others that would come from this client.

any more questions as to why i might seem rattled ?

Hi @Daun,

I just send you a PM. Get back to me and I will get you in touch with someone who can help you out. :wink:

sorry folks, i’m new here and my backside and my future lays in the hands of a software supplier
who i can not get to return a call

i’m sorry…i’m not aware of what PM is

PM =personal mail

You can also click on my icon, then click Message and send my your personal info, email, and number and I will pass it along to someone who can help you out with your M&S

i believe i replied…i’m a little lost here,and a little is a complete understatement…thank you for your help

Yup! I got it!