No customer support

why is it that i pay for customer support but end up talking to a machine that hangs up on me ?

isn’t the purpose of PAYING for customer support to actually get that tech support ?..or do ya’all just collect my money and don;t answer your phones ?


Couldn’t agree more with Daun…

I’m a current SKP PRO 2018 user with active Manitenance and Support (???) and am forced to sit through a whole bunch of auto-response gibberish that serves no purpose to me, or gets me closer to a real person to speak to.

Maybe the good folks at Trimble, have forgotten some of us actually use the software for real work, and as such, being lured into a manitenance contract with the promise of “phone support” is false advertising and not the reality after all?

In a real-word scenario, being told…“check the handy online forums” is a bullsh#t way to treat your PRO customers. Then when we finnally break down and try to call Trimble…we end up in the Automated Phone dance and around we go…again.

Really starting to re-think the use of SketchUP in our workflow, after being a faithful user since day one. You (Trimble) need a crash course in customer service 101, so does ADOBE and Time Warner…to name some others.

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is really sensible advice…

many day to day uses may have encountered similar issues and be able to offer solutions…

if you explained your issue you may have already been back up and running…


John, that is not the point i’m trying to make…obviously any individual can benifit from ongoing education and information gathered by “their own means” from any manner of sources.

What irks me is SKP is part of my professional business workflow. I decided to purchase the “maintenance and support” aggreement, primarliy for the promise of “phone support”…and to AVOID having to spend valable and billable time searching the numerous forums and chat rooms to “maybe” find a solution to my issue etc…

I don’t know how SKP falls into your daily activities, whether hobby user or professional…but surely you can see the frustration and time-consuming efforts one must take could be easily, and ulitmately less time consuming if we could call Tech Support? …oh wait…my maintenance & Support agreement says they offer that…maybe i’ll go search the forums and chat rooms for a way to contact them…!

As to my problem, it is with LO 2018, and the inablitly to change the text color on the dimensions. Now before everyone tells me to change it through the Apple color picker, I have don that and and fully aware of the proceedure to do so. I am able to change the text color as a default on the text tool, the leader tool, but NOT the dimension tool. I can change the line color attributes, but it will not “hold” any text color change i make.

Is the course of action here to trash a plist file somewhere…or reinstall the software in an effort to fix this? Then be faced with the antiquated method of re-installing all the extensions etc…?

I am running SKP PRO 2018 on Mac 10.11.6 and have had no issue like this on previous versions of SKP PRO.

Thank you.


there is no choice to buy maintenance, it’s mandantory… and claims to cover a tech. support by phone for installation and authorization issues only:

Technical Support

Email and Phone: SketchUp Pro customers with an active Maintenance and Support Subscription can call the technical support team for assistance resolving Installation or Authorization issues. (…) Customers with an active Software Maintenance and Support subscription can also email the technical support team for additional assistance. (…) To better serve the needs of all customers’ technical issues and ensure that all customers are assisted as quickly as possible, the technical support team is unable to offer how-to or tutorial services for SketchUp. (…)

Email and phone support is available Monday - Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm MST.

Actually you DO have a choice whether or not to purchase maintenance & support…

And secondly…from their OWN website…(link below)…notice the part about “any other issue with SketchUp Pro”…I guess we need to be lawyers now to dechiper this phrase??

• PHONE and email support: In addition to the Knowledge Center and Help Forum your subscription gives you access to technical support via email and phone. If you’re encountering an issue installing or authorizing SketchUp Pro (or any other issue with SketchUp Pro), let us know and we’ll be happy to help out. For contact details please refer to the email you received after purchasing your Software Maintenance and Support Subscription information.

and BTW…we are going 24hrs plus and still no reply from email sent to customer support…which in itself, doesn’t help any professional trying to troubleshoot a fix or even a work-around to keep “paid” projects moving forward.

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nope, 1 year maintenance was and is mandantory since maintenance was introduced with SU v2013.

in parenthesis means via email only hahaha

gmashee, just for the record you got personal attention from the mac specialist in charge of the LayOut project in your other thread less than an hour after you posted it. Do you still require a call back from a customer service rep or should I tell them that you’re all set?

I am trying your suggested work-around now…will advise ASAP

actaully you DON"T have to purchase the maintenance and support here in ther USA. It looks like it is manditory with a NEW purchase, but I was given the option to buy as a stand-alone, probably due to the fact that i am upgrading from previous SKP PRO versions.

Secondly if it was manditory…then why is there a re-instatement fee, for when and if people decide to let it laspe?

Maybe it is different in EU, but thats how it works in the USA

probably because it’s actually not covered by maintenance limited to installation/authorization issues…

btw, if feasible buying with a local reseller does regularly provide a torough tech. support beyond installation/activation issues and often on the phone too :blush:

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I get the feeling that you have nothing better to do than offer useless advice.

Firstly…I installed my first version of SketchUp way back when it was beta, and then purchased the very first paid version as soon as it was available. So I have been through every upgrade, both paid and “gratis” since day one. Also all the company ownership changes etc…

Secondly…if your point is trying to say that the wording of the Maintenance & Support doc, really only refers to Maintenance & Support for INSTALLATION issues…then what would you suggest for an issue that arises (such as this one dis) as a result of installing and running the NEW 2018 version? An issue that didn’t exsit on 2017, but now does as a result of gues what…INSTALLING 2018?

…maybe you’re trying to help…or maybe you just don’t understand the concept of what i’m saying?

upgrading does include the mandantory maintenance too even if not denoted as a separate part of it.

the reinstatement fee accrues if upgrading after the maintenance runtime has lapsed, buying an upgrade or not is obviously a decision of the user… more infos here.

an issue which happens running SU/LO is obviously not meant by installation/authorization and therefore not covered by the phone support but the already elaborated means only… and which has happend already.

Hi @gmashee. I’ve spoken with our Customer Support team, and someone will be getting in touch with you very soon. However, they mentioned that there is no email ticket under your name, but they did receive your voicemail yesterday afternoon. For future reference, you can submit a ticket here. And the support phone number is listed in your license email, in case you need to find it quickly.

As for Maintenance and Support - you are correct. It is not required, but highly recommended if you want to receive any sort of technical phone or email support.

Hi Caroline,

First I guess i have to ask…is actual PHONE support for software related
issues, function, operation, suspected “bugs” etc…covered under the
Maintenance & Support part of the agreement?
Or does the phone support only apply to INSTALLATION & Licencing issues?

I have been in contact with Marc
SketchUp Team Member, on the SketchUp Forum, where he was gracious enough
to offer a work-around, until what seems like it may be a bug is sorted out.

My frustrations grew as a result of lack-luster ability to speak to a human
on the supplied Support Number, and the notion that actual
phone support is ONLY for Installation and Lic. issues?

Not all of us can spend hours a working day…combing through online forums
to try to troubleshoot a software issue.

Thank you,


end of story

Phone support is for any type of issue, but to Marc’s point, we have a lot of users and SketchUp team members who frequent the forum, so sometimes you’ll receive a quicker response here. I still recommend submitting a ticket or making a phone call if you need assistance, but just know that the forums are here in case you need it :slight_smile:

Again…maybe different support is offered in areas outside the USA @ sketch3d_deBasic User