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So after all the hype and sales pitch about receiving “phone support” with a current and up-to-date service aggreement, I (we) are still relegated to trying to answer our own problems/issues through the online communities.?.?.?

and as far as the number being any use…forget that…it will put you in an endless loop of useless prompts, then after awhile, they automatically hang up on the caller.

Nice work Trimble (sarcasm) …

Any ideas on how to speak to a real person, in real time, to address some software issues?


How about you share your issue with us here? The Customer Support team is fairly busy right now, what with the new version that we just released. They will certainly get back to you, but in the meantime perhaps this is something that the collective knowledge of the forums can help with?


My initial concern is…with an up-to-date maintenance and support agreement, and after Trimble’s own verbiage stating “the user is able to receive phone support” …there is no clear way to enable or take advantage of that “phone support”. As we use SKP and LO, as part of our business workflow, i find having to search on my own time for an answer that may or may not exisit on the forums is unacceptable. I have to ask…what point does the manintnenance & support service in this case? I’m sorry the “customer support team is really busy now” just doesn’t cut it for a professional user trying to keep the work moving in our day-today office.

As to my problem, it is with LO 2018, and the inablitly to change the text color on the dimensions. Now before everyone tells me to change it through the Apple color picker, I have don that and and fully aware of the proceedure to do so. I am able to change the text color as a default on the text tool, the leader tool, but NOT the dimension tool. I can change the line color attributes, but it will not “hold” any text color change i make.

Is the course of action here to trash a plist file somewhere…or reinstall the software in an effort to fix this? Then be faced with the antiquated method of re-installing all the extensions etc…?

I am running SKP PRO 2018 on Mac 10.11.6 and have had no issue like this on previous versions of SKP PRO.

Thank you.

I am the Mac specialist on the LayOut team, so you’re in the right place!

I am seeing the same behavior that you describe when I follow this workflow:

  1. Activate the Dimension tool
  2. Open the Font panel
  3. Click on the Text color icon to bring up the color chooser
  4. Choose a color
  5. Create a dimension - the text will not be the desired color.
    This looks like a bug to me, I will investigate.

Luckily there is another way to set the style for a tool using the “Sample” tool. First, create a dimension, then adjust the style so that it has the exact appearance that you want. Next, switch to the “Dimension” tool. Finally, press ‘s’ to activate the style sampler and click on the dimension that has the desired style. The mouse cursor should change to an eyedropper, then should change back to the dimension cursor when you click on the dimension. This workflow tells the Dimension tool to adopt the style of an existing dimension. After these steps, any dimension created should match the one you sampled.

This “sampling” ability also works with entities in the scrapbook. So, if there are several styles that you like to switch between, you can create a scrapbook that contains representative dimensions, and then sample the style from whichever one you want. This may be more convenient than manually changing the style on a case-by-case basis.

I’ll get the first issue filed into our bug tracking system so we can investigate. Please report back about your results with the alternative workflow.




Thank you for your reply and effort to help get this sorted.

The work-around seems to work…ONLY if i sample the NEW style dimension, if the dimension is first selected with the pointer tool. If the Dimension style is changed to my liking, but then not selected with the pointer, When sampled it still does not reflect the style changes. So for me it seems to be…

  1. edit syle on new dimension
  2. “select” dimension with Arrow (selection pointer) tool
  3. Change back to Dimension tool…leaving dimension “selected”
  4. Press “s” to sample
  5. Select dimension tool again
  6. Draw new dimension with correct sampled NEW style

So it seems STEP 2 must be used…at least in my situation. The sample won’t pick up the NEW style unless it is previously “selected” after making the style changes.



I’m not seeing the behavior you describe where the dimension must be selected. In particular, in step 3, when I switch to the Dimension tool the active selection is cleared.

For clarification, does your step 4 include clicking on the dimension you wish to sample?

I’m also surprised by step 5 - the dimension tool should be automatically re-activated after you’ve sampled the dimension.

I wonder if you have the ‘s’ key assigned as a different shortcut command than I do. If I go into Preferences->Shortcuts, I see that my ‘s’ key shortcut is assigned to “Other>Pick Style”. Is that the same for you?

Thanks for working out the details with me.

This is so strange…

Yes…step 4. is me sampling the changed DIM.

When I press “s” to sample the required Dim, (step 4.) …YES my cursor does stay looking like the sample tool…

Then without selecting the DIM tool again (from the top toolbar), i go straight to trying to pull a NEW DIM on my drawing, and then the sample tool thinks i’m trying to sample the black color of the line in the model, (under the cursor). So it will sample again, then a second click starts the DIM strand, then a third click to end the DIM before pulling the DIM into white paper space.

Marc…Is this happening at your end?

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