Customer Support, Unavailable? Need some T ID support. SOLVED

I am trying to contact SketchUp customer support and can no longer find a phone number. I used to get one with my maintenance and support payment email each year but perhaps phone support has been discontinued? In any case the only path I can find now is through a web form. But when submitting the filled in form I get…

If there is truly an outage then fair enough, stuff happens. I’ll wait and try again later unless someone knows better. Kind of a bummer if this is the only pathway to support and it isn’t working.

I just need to make some changes on my Trimble ID that I can’t do from my end. Not sure SketchUp Support can even help me with that, is that a Trimble thing? @MikeWayzovski or @colin , where should I go to change my Trimble login email if the change form on the Trimble ID page won’t let me? Does TC for business have customer support?

Unusually, a lot of us were in the office today. I will wonder over and ask Ty if the support page problems are known.

As far as I know there is still phone support, and it’s the old number. I’m not sure where you find that, other than in old license emails.

For what you’re trying to do, see if the steps shown here work for you:

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Thanks Colin. I’ll try to dig up an old email with the phone number. So only users who once had maintenance contracts under the now defunct classic license are allowed to call in? :thinking: I feel even more special.

Yeah I tried the change email method outlined, It says the one I want to change to is being used, but it’s not that I can tell, or at least not used anywhere that I have control over, so I’m stuck. Hence my need for support.

I did indeed find the Phone number on an old invoice and got through. I have some complicated circumstances but Customer Support was great and I think I have a pathway to getting it all sorted out. Cheers.