What gives with support ? paid for license and no email

I paid for a license and after the download I did not get any email with details.
I have emailed for help with no reply in aweek.
all the web pages for trying to resolve ask for a serial number that I do not have.
calling them today rings but has no voice mail and no message even saying that I am calling trimble / scetchup
so far my impression is that they have no interest in helping a customer.
this is no way to get my business, as of now I am thinking I will dispute the charge with my cc company as they have failed to even answer an email after a week.
and I know they got the email as I did get a tiket number back, and it’s not my spam rules as I get marketing email from them and the auto reply for help came thru.

not impressed with this company so far.

friends … you face the problem that the center is the company’s internal problems, so we were in the room that this forum can not help solve the problem. hopefully get the best solution, greetings

It is the weekend, and Colorado has been hit by a late-winter blizzard.

@figuerres, I will send you a message for details.


I checked over the week-end, and talked to folks internally Monday morning. Emails were sent, they missed, @figuerres should now be in good shape, correct? Please close this thread as resolved, so if a new person comes in with a problem, they wont piggyback on top of this one and will open a new thread, @figuerres. Thanks.