I need Licence help NOW

It’s very frustrating to spend so much money on a product and STILL not have access to responsive help. I spent a great deal of money, and the support model is: ‘read the internet’

I have no idea why the software is not aware of my license, but the page that it sends me to is a clearing house of ‘try this and try that’.

What does it take to get an actual person to look at my situation and tell me what to do?

I know this is a user forum, but I’m hoping someone can provide a secret password or phone number to get some basic support for an expensive product.

I need to get some work done NOW.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp M2017 Make. What version do you actually have? And what license did you buy?
Screenshot - 11_4_2020 , 10_09_00 AM

I bought a subscription to whatever is current.

I can’t even find a place to log in to my account.

Seriously, I can’t find the website where my account is.

ok, found it. my account does not show my purchase. but my credit card sure does, and I purchased months ago, so apparently the website isn’t smart enough to connect my payment to my account? what do i have to do to get the payment ‘applied’?

‘payment history’ shows the payment…

But ‘my products’ doesn’t show the subscription.

So what does Trimble think I bought?

Got it. What a hassle.

Still not sure why using a product that I paid for requires crowd-sourced support.