SketchUp/Trimble Support Contact

I need some help from SketchUp or Trimble support. I sent an email to both of them several days ago but have not had any reply. I am setting up a new laptop and cannot get my license information to work on the new computer.

What is the best way to contact them and get my issues resolved?

What version did you install on your new computer? Are you still using SketchUp 2020 or do you have a current subscription?

Maybe @colin can help.

Did you send an email or did you fill out the contact form?
You need to have an active subscription to be entitled to support

I sent an email. I have a 2020 license (that I am trying to install on the new laptop) and I currently have a 2024 beta license that expires a the end of the month. I need for it to work before I decide whether to buy a new subscription.

You need to raise a ticket via this form

But as you are seeking support for an unsupported product - Iā€™m not sure what response you will get

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Thanks, I will give that a try.