Maintenance and support SNAFU

I’m caught in a loop on the Sketchup website trying to get into maintenance and support. I go to License manager page, enter my serial and email hit look up license and nothing happens. So I go to customer support page and enter my serial and it tells me I don’t have active maintenance and support, except I do, but there is no way to trouble shoot this because the option to message someone seems dependent on having active maintenance and support in the first place. So I need the thing thats broken to get help fixing the broken thing. Joseph Heller would approve. Is there another way to contact support?

False Alarm. After digging though old emails I noticed that the serial that Sketchup sent me in a an email is one letter different from the one that the program shows me on the license page. My current program is working fine with this serial, not sure why there are different numbers. I guess the directions on the sketchup website for finding your serial are wrong in my case as my real serial number was different than what the license page says. Anyway the other serial works. weird.

The first letter relates to the release of SketchUp. In the license management page you can enter any version of the license, and it should show all of the licenses under that same email address.

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Ahhh, Got it, thanks. The license management page didn’t like my first number but the other worked.

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