Why can't I export this file?

I can’t export this file as a pdf… What is wrong with it? Everything I have tried I just get ‘Not Responding’
I understand the file is big, but I’ve applied Skimp on the model, Purged it, Tried to leave It to render as Raster rather than Hybrid. Still Freezes and does nothing.

Please any advice before I throw my PC :smiley:

You may have to throw your PC… the link doesn’t work.

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Try this one please :slight_smile: https://www.dropbox.com/t/KIJ3BjrOmdp5uXor

No luck here.

I saw that your scale and some other items are off to the left… deleted those.

Tried exporting each page individually… the first page (1: Page 3) exported in a flash. The other two, no.

File keeps crashing for me.

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I’m not that fluent with Layout but you seem to have used images of your model rather than model scenes.
I created 3 scenes of roughly what you showed in your Layout, I sent one scene to Layout and pasted in the other parts from your layout, copied it all to two more pages and simply changed the Scene being used.
That exported to PDF almost instantly.
TestH.pdf (2.0 MB)

It’s also worth noting that your model is somewhat bloated, you could model all the ‘netting’ using far fewer segments and still get the visual you want.

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