Why can't I change dimensions in Layout to Feet and Inches? The option box is gray

I don’t know what the problem is here and looking for some help. I have a sketchup drawing of a room with a paint design on the walls. In Layout, I’m putting in the dimensions. It wants to display everything in inches, which doesn’t make sense when you want to show that it is 16’ long, for example. When I go to the Dimension Style section in the Default Tray, the box for dimension Length shows “Fractional” and the box next to it shows “inches”. This box is gray and I cannot change it. I appreciate any help that anyone can offer. Thanks!

Feet and Inches is the option if you select Architectural instead of Fractional. Fractional is only inches. The only time the drop down list you are referring to comes into play is with Decimal units where you can select Inches, Feet, Millimeters, Meters, etc.

Thank you for the quick response. I have tried that, and every other option. I just can’t get it to allow me to switch that to feet/inches.

dimension issue 2

Architectural is feet and inches. Select your existing dimensions and then change from Fractional to Architectural.

■■■■, I feel stupid. I kept clicking that and just looking at the gray box that wouldn’t change. I see now that it changed on the actual drawing. Thank you!

You’re welcome. As I wrote in my first reply, the drop down list you were trying to change is only active when units are set to Decimal.