Can Layout Display Inches Only?


I was wondering if there’s a setting to display only inches instead of feet and inches when adding measurements in Layout.
For example, instead of displaying 3’ 4" if I can make it display 40".
I know I can change it manually but it would take forever to change all the dimensions of a drawing one by one.


Yes. Change the units in the Dimensions window while you have the Dimension tool active.

You can modify existing dimensions by selecting them and changing the units.

If you usually use the same units, set up and save a custom template with the desired units.


Sorry, I’m very new to the software. Are you referring to this window when you say “Dimensions Window”?
If that’s the one I have it set to “Architectural” and “Inches” but it shows feet and inches.
I can not use “Decimals” for my job.


Architectural is feet and inches. If you don’t want that and you don’t want decimal, use Fractional.


Great! Fractional Did it!
Thank you for your help!


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