Changing dimensions from inches to feet


i’m working on a large scale drawing and i would like to show the dimensions in feet instead of inches. how can I change that in my 2 d model?


I would like to figure this out myself.
The closest I can get is Feet with Decimal. Using Units setting for Model Info, Format:Decimal or Engineering.
Yet I have seen examples that display Feet - Inches - fraction.
Is this a limitation of Make vs Pro?

I want this method as my home was built using this format.
Would prefer metric but we are stuck still using the archaic measuring system.


Okay I made some headway in figuring this out. Do not understand it completely but here is what I did to finally get it to display distance in Feet and Inches.

Appears that this is a combination of settings.
Window : Preferences : Template
I initially had “Interior and Production Design - Inches"
After Selecting Simple Template - Feet and Inches” then…
Window : Model Info : Units
Changing Format to Architectural I was able to get the view I wanted.

I went back in and changed Template to “Construction - Feet and Inches” and the settings remained.
Changing those 2 settings appeared to make the change I am looking for.

@dianapearl If you go into Units set Format to Decimal you can select Feet only then Precision to proper decimal accuracy. If this does not work, change the Template.

Strange how I have read many posts about this problem but never found it explained.


Thank you so much @sm_42_wi! It makes total sense to me now! I usually use
the wood working template. I appreciate your working this out with me and
I’m very pleased with the result.