Viewing dimensions in model in inches not feet only, or using extensions allowing similar

Hi all,
I was just wondering if there was a way to have SU default to just displaying total inches not feet-inches-format in model dimensions (i.e. 19" not 1’ 7").

Maybe it’s an easy toggle I’m missing somewhere. For better or worse, I like to work with dimensions I draw out displayed because my novice skills still seem to have me bumping stuff too long/short etc. in woodworking projects.

If this feature isn’t available, this hobbyist finally upgraded to Pro, so if there are any free extensions that can help to simplify or enhance dimension display (already got Eneroth’s Dimension Remover ;)) within SU I’d love to get recommendations.


In SketchUp Pro go to Window>Model Info>Units and select Fractional unit format. While you are there, set Display Precision as high as it will go (1/64th in.) and turn off Length Snapping.

If you choose the Woodworking-Inches template instead of Architectural, the units will be set to Fractional. Or, you really should make your own template. After setting the units and other Model Info settings, use Save as Template to create a new one.

That did it! However, won’t not having length snapping making modeling more difficult when I’m occasionally not typing in a dimension?

No. Leaving length snapping enabled will lead to imprecise modeling when you want it to be precise.

Okay, very cool–thank you!

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