SketchUp Free will not display inches only. Only displays feet and inches

I am using a Woodworking style and the Model Info is set to a 1/2" Format and 1/32" Precision and the Tape Measure units are feet and inches. I have seen older posts on this subject but none of those suggestions work. Nothing I have tried works. I tried a 30 day trial Pro version and it displays in inches only.

This is the standard setup for SketchUp Free. At least in SketchUp Go (maybe in SketchUp Free, too) you can go to App Settings and select Fractional as the default units.
Screenshot - 5_29_2022 , 7_00_52 PM

The Default Template is set to Fractional - Inches in App Settings and the Tape Measure still displays in feet and inches.

Now that you have the default set to Fractional-Inches, new files will show dimensions in inches. Save your existing model. Then start a new file and import the model into the new file.

New files now show measurements in inches but I can only import my current file as a component without upgrading.

You don’t need to upgrade, well, as long as you’re a hobbyist. Import it as a component and then explode the top level and you’ll be back to where you were in the original file but with inches as the units.

That worked like a charm. Thanks so much for your help DaveR!

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