Having trouble getting Layout to display dimensions in inches


I can’t figure out what else I need to do in order for the dimensions in Layout to show up in Imperial units instead of metric. I’ve changed the Units to Inches and Fractional in Document Setup, but when I draw the dimensions it still shows up with metric units

Can someone tell me what I’m missing?

I’ve attached the Sketchup and Layout files if that helps you help me.

NakicevicCloset.skp (870.4 KB)
NakicevicCloset.layout (1.3 MB)

You need to make that setting in the Dimension Style panel. Document Setup>Units is for paper space dimensions.

What you have:
Screenshot - 1_30_2022 , 6_24_30 AM
What you need:
Screenshot - 1_30_2022 , 6_24_49 AM

Select the existing dimension and change it to Fractional in Dimension Style. Then get the Dimension tool and do the same for dimensions going forward.

You started out by choosing a metric paper size (A3) template so by default the Dimensions are metric. Note that the paper dimensions and margins are shown in imperial units because of your change in Document Setup>Units.
Screenshot - 1_30_2022 , 6_26_06 AM

Are you planning to print on A3 paper?

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Units ‘Decimal’ rather than ‘Fractional’

Apologies - I misread query and I defer to DaveR greater knowledge

Thanks Dave

No, I’m not planning on using A3 paper. Must have picked it by mistake when I created new file.

That explains it. You can change the paper size before you get too much father along.