Display both Metric & Imperial Units?

I would like to display both Metric and Imperial units in a format such as 27.9cm (11") or 11" (27.9cm).
I can do this by editing each dimension manually but I am hoping there is a better way.

Is there a way in SketchUp or Layout to do this, other than manually editing each dimension?

If not, are there any plugins/extensions that might help with this?

Any assistance would be much appreciated!

TIG wrote a plugin to display dual dimensions. You can get it from the Sketchucation Plugin Store.

Thank you DaveR, I will check it out right away!

Not in post #2? :wink:

Is there anyway to have this feature in Layout?

You can edit LayOut dimensions and add the other dimension manually.

yeah, well! It would be great if it could be done automatically like Autocad who have an alternative dim. I use this very often when my document travel between US and the rest of the world. That eat up A LOT of my time and open a HUGE gap for mistake. What I do (when I have room) is double dimensionning everything. It works but create double lines everywhere!

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It’s a feature that’s been requested but it isn’t currently available. You have to work with the tools you have.

thanks Dave.

Going to try to do this - but getting the little red arrow showing the dimension text box isn’t big enough and the feet dimension is hidden. How to enlarge to show both?

I assume you mean editing the text in LO? You can drag the edges of the text box to make it larger.