White screen on launch

Hi, I am having an issue with our projector computers and SketchUp having a white screen on launch.

The computer in question has a Quadro P2000 graphics card and I have tried drivers from 388.16 to 397.31.

The graphics setting are as below and I have attached the log

SketchUpLog-2018-05-22-17_01_18.txt (39.9 KB)

The annoying part of the problem that none of our student computers has the issue, they work fine.

The only differences are that the machine is connected to two projectors (via a splitter) and the that they run software that remotely displays the desktop called ABtutor.

I have tried
Unplugging the projector
Changing the sampling settings in SketchUp
Checking the colour depth, it’s 32 bit
Changing the resolution from 720p to 1080p (projector is 720p)
Disabling the ABtutor program, parts of the program are still there but the mirage display driver is gone
Setting the Quadro as the primary graphics card

With no joy, does anyone have any other ideas



These are likely the problem. Especially the second part regarding the remote desktop display. Disconnect the projectors and use the local display only. Reboot the computer from cold–not just Restart. Don’t use the remote desktop option. Does SketchUp display correctly?

The white screen in question

AS @DaveR already mentioned, this is most likely a graphic issue caused by the lack of opengl support in the remote software.

Or is it a template with white background and deactivated axes? Can you draw any geometry?

Thanks for your replies

I swapped the machine out with a student computer last night and Sketchup worked fine with just the projectors.
I then put the original machine back and uninstalled Abtuor, restarted the machine and Sketchup is all good.

I reinstalled ABtutor but did not enable any optimisations
(but the screen refresh on the student computers is quite slow)

They have been using ABtuor to teach Sketchup since version 8, so I guess we have been lucky. If I get a chance I will submit a case to the vendor to see if they can fix the issue.

Best regards

If anyone else has this blank screen problem, please fill out this form, as we are trying to collect data on what kind of graphics cards and computers are being affected. There are also the top fixes at the end of this form, depending on your configuration: https://goo.gl/forms/RQEr2Au1KGdW8smD2

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