Which viewer for the 360 panorama render do you use?

I’m curious which viewer you use for showing the 360 panorama to your clients. I prefer a (cheap but good) viewer online and not a Google VR-specs etc.

The viewer I used for this project, makes the 360 quite blurry, however the resolution is high (6000x4000).

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 13 at 15 49 33 on Momento360

As to online viewing, Facebook can view these images if you change the camera model in the file properties to a 360 degree camera (Ricoh Theta S is one of the types it recognizes).

Thanks for your reply. But if I understand you well, you have to make an account at Ricoh Theta?

No. You load to any Facebook account you have access to. Before uploading the image to Facebook, open the File Properties window in Windows Explorer and change the camera make and model information in the Details pane:
It is a tip I found on the Internet - I don’t know what other models the Facebook image viewer recognizes.

There are apps for phone, for pc, Mac and also online viewers. As Anssi mentioned Facebook can show 360 panoramic images and videos. If you want to show it to a client you could create a Facebook account just for uploading renders and send the link so they can see, this way you keep your personal Facebook, if you have, private.

I think that Facebook, too, downsamples large images when you upload them. I don’t know the exact rules it follows.

I know that are a lot of VR viewers, but some are quite expensive. I have a personal, but also a business account on Facebook, so fb will not be a problem. To try how it works, I can make a new account, so that I can try before anyone can see it.

Ah, something like that I saw in a reel on Youtube, indeed. It’s worth a try!

It’s not necessary, just upload the image to a post, that’s all.

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I understand that, but I don’t like it that someone can see that I’m trying :wink:

Yes, it works! So cool!

@Anssi @francisquitof Thanks so much for your help!

For desktop there is a Simple Panorama Viewer Simple Panorama Viewer - Official app in the Microsoft Store.
Also supports cubic panoramas rendered with V-Ray.

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Thanks, I will try this option. Is this a viewer for free?

360° Panorama Viewer Online You can use this online version of the 360 panorama viewer.

Thanks very much, I will have a look on your link as well

To make it more clear if the prior link is not clear enough, HTML 5, the current web standard runs 360’ panos natively and quite easily (as long as you don’t need a tour).

Here is a working example:

View the source code on chrome or firefox by pressing control-U.
It’s about 20 lines of code but it’s mostly formatting. The only important line is the one that points to the image (line 12)

So if you have your own website, this should be easy to integrate without paying extra for anything (again, as long as you don’t need a tour).