360 degree panorama images in the forum

I have been lately playing with creating 360 degree panorama images in SketchUp/V-Ray. Is there a way to get them to display in Discourse? They show correctly in Facebook by changing the camera type in the image EXIF data to a type of pano camera. Here, for instance, my weirdish Easter greeting:

Thought i found a nice way to embed a 360 photo from google.photos…

  1. uploaded 360 photo to google.photos
  2. opened the 360 photo from google.photos
  3. copied the link using the share option > create link
  4. went to one of many online sites wich generates embedded html code for 360 google.photo images
  5. pasted the html code into previous post, unfortunately without the 360 degrees functions.

…unfortunately that didn’t work either :confused:

PS link to the original 360 photo: click here