360 Panoramic/Stereoscopic Image Output


I know there is a script “Cubic Pano Out” but it has to be manually manipulated in a photo editor and is restricted to cubic output which is not supported by most VR players. Request for an additional export type under the 2D image output that would create a equirectangular image from the current camera position. Thank you for your consideration.


Yeah!.. it’s about time, no?




I think most of us want a simple 360 export of our current camera position to Facebook or google photos without any further post processing or going thru another rendering package or some propriety viewing software or viewing site…Our smartphones seem to be able to do this painlessly…It is really helpful to give your clients an overview… not all clients want a vray render… often quick and dirty is better… with SU styles it can even be uniquely sketchy


I second this. This is something that cannot be (easily) done by extensions because SketchUp image output is limited to rectilinear projection with 120° field of view – no curved lines. Together with this, sky dome support (also not possible with extensions) would make this even greater and helps orientation when looking around.

This would make use of the already increased graphics hardware requirements so that users “see” visual benefits (and not only performance).