Plugins and gear VR

Im looking for a good plug in i can use to render my bathroom designs, it needs to be compatible with Gear VR as i want to do 360 panoramic/virtual tours for my clients.
can i just send my render from the plugin to UE?
Im a bit new to this so any advice on VR and rendering would be great

I am not totally sure about VR but you can get 360 spherical panoramic images with any renderer plugin i believe.
Just set a spherical camera and make the resolution 2:1 proportioned. Also creating ‘two-point perspective’ renders might be useful depending on your scene.

Ricoh Theta has a free ‘Spherical Viewer’ for desktop:
Also you can upload and share your spherical panoramas via this website:

More info on the UE4:

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I sat in on a v-ray webinar today, and asked the exact question of whether it could make stereoscopic 360 panoramas, and apparently it can.

As for playing back the experience, you could possibly use Unity or Unreal, etc, but there is also a WebGL solution. Take a look at this example stereoscopic 360 pano walk through:

Click the stereo display button at the bottom to see stereoscopic, and use the enter vr button to go full screen in a Cardboard/Gear VR compatible way.

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I suppose the workflow would be different depending on whether you need the images to be mono, or stereoscopic.

In addition to the rendering software which outputs VR capable images, you still need viewer/stitching software which utilizes GearVR hardware to view those images.

I have used both V-ray and Lumion to output stereoscopic VR images. (stereoscopic cubic images) Then IrisVR (Scope) and InsiteVR are both good viewer solution for GearVR.

A lot of names above. All of them has different capacities with variant price tags. There are definately some technical aspects that you need to learn if you want to utilize VR.

‘Stereography’ was the term i was missing out for VR stuff, thanks for pointing that out.
Also i came across a very useful article about VR by Chaosgroup:

and this:
and that:

and here is the webinar video (VR part): V-Ray 3 for SketchUp – Webinar - YouTube

Thanks everyone, very helpfull

When you say 2 point perspective, is that because you can’t move around and it would be good to see from another point of view?

I’m not sure whether you are serious or were making a joke…

But anyway, 2-point perspective is just a variant on regular perspective in which the camera is pointed perpendicular to a surface of interest so that parallel lines in that surface appear parallel instead of converging.

"Two-Point Perspective means perspective view for red and green axis and any other direction except the vertical direction. Any vertical edge in your model remains vertical on screen. You can pan but they stay vertical (unlike in three-point perspective, the normal view in perspective mode in SketchUp), till you orbit again.

See/apply menu Camera > Two-Point Perspective.

In SketchUp, the two-point perspective is a special view with all vertical edges parallel, and you lose it immediately if you try to orbit within it. Another such special projection is the Match Photo view. They both use perspective calculations that are different from the standard camera view.


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