Virtual reality goggles ie Samsung gear vr

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I’m a long time user first time poster. I am an architect and use Sketchup for many projects. I recently received a Samsung gear VR for Christmas. The first thing I thought was holy !@#$ wow!! The second was can I export my Sketchup models for a virtual walk through with these goggles… Does anyone have information on the possibilities? My clients would go bananas for this!

Try kubity, works by uploading a sketchup file and loading it on mobile for google cardboard. Simple and sweet, but limited functionalities. I don’t know if samsung gear has other functionalities that differ from Google cardboard.

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Hi @jsschinde,

Looks like 2016’s gonna be a fun year for you :wink:

I don’t believe you can export straight from SketchUp to your Gear VR. There are options though:

  1. Piping from SketchUp to a 3d engine like Unity is possible but will take some work. You might want to watch this video to help you understand what you will be diving into.

    If you feel ready to dive:

  2. InsiteVR (formlery called vrban) is still in developement and very little info on pricing is published but developer Angel Say claims in this support ticket that Gear VR support is available to premium account holders.

  3. You might want to keep an eye on IrisVR as well. They are at the prototype stage and their solution aims for the Occulus Rift DK2 hardware but Gear VR support could be possible in the future since it is based on Occulus Rift technologies and they made not one but two blog post about it at the beginning of 2015.

This is not an exhaustive list, there might be other options. Google is your friend. I do not own a Gear VR and have not throroughly tested the above workflows. Just wanted to let you know they exist and hopefuly help you get started.

Cheers :smile:

Tried it with my Google Cardboard – definitely the best method out there, right now. It needs modifications to make it usable, but this is really cool. Thanks for the pointer. :grinning:

There is a workaround to play with Samsung Gear VR and sketchup files

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