Online platform for showcasing and exporting 360 images from Sketchup

Hi all!

I’ve recently been working on exploring the possibilities of exporting 360 images, directly from Sketchup, to an online platform and good news… it is possible.

Now, for the last couple of weeks I have, together with a friend, explored the possibility of making a business out of it. We’ve build a Sketchup extension and created an online platform for it, with the idea that in one click you can synchronize your Sketchup scenes to the online platform, to easily showcase the latest version to your clients, friends and family.

We’re almost there, but we’re not sure about the market. Hence i’m posting here, to see if the Sketchup community sees value in this, and to decide to continue or not. Any feedback is highly appreciated!

This is an example showcase hosted on the platform:

And here is a video of the tool:

Looking forward to hear your thoughts, any feedback is very welcome and highly appreciated, also feel free to reach out if you want to test the platform!!

/ Marinus


Hello, are you still open to testing the product? Thank you Jeff in San Diego, Ca

Hey, definitely still looking for feedback and testers!