No way to export Images, CAD, Other 3D Formats?

A model is nothing without the ability to export 2D and 3D. Are these features expected to come online or is it assumed that that work will be done on a desktop version?

Essentially, how does the SketchUp Team see my.sketchup being used? An add on to accompany the desktop version? A standalone modeler? A method of collaboration with multiple people in a model at the same time?

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There is an Upload to 3DWarehouse option, so you could do some things without needing the desktop version. That wouldn’t help with the 2D export though.

Hi Scott,

We’re still early in the development of my.SketchUp… and so we have more features still undone than we have complete. We’re sharing this in an open beta form in no small part because we value the guidance that our community always gives to us about how they would like to see things work out in the future. Stay tuned for future developments!


Thanks Jbacus,

I’m just most curious about the goals of the project. I understand that it is a beta and that features may come and go. I could see great value in a product that worked as a replacement for the desktop software. But it would have to have lots of things (custom shortcuts, plugin support, import and export functions etc. etc.). I would guess that this is not the goal of the project but wondered what you thought.

If it isn’t that, I could also see great value in a “session” type format which allows multiple users to get in and mess around all together, communicate ideas etc (see Autodesk Formit).

If it isn’t that either, I could still see value in a very mobile friendly version of SketchUp that worked really well with multi-touch devices that would allow me to share and present models much more universally.

For me, at least, there is not a lot of value in a web based SketchUp “lite” in and of itself. It’s fun, but I will already have the desktop version with all of my customization etc. So maybe the market is not me?



Thanks, Scott- I think you’ve hit most of the high points of our stated strategy for this product. One important point to emphasize is that we don’t see this as a replacement for our SketchUp Pro desktop client application, but rather as a useful companion to it.

You can see me talking about this at our 3D Basecamp kickoff on YouTube. Skip ahead to about 1:30 to get to the product announcement.


I played with SketchUp on Wine (on Fedora Linux x86_64) sometime ago and gave up on it but I need something to be cross platform with my builder (Windows) so my.SketchUp is looking to be exactly what we need. I just went to export an image or PDF and therefore found this thread.

I am looking forward to the future developments with enthusiasm but, as usual, it will boil down to features and suitability for our particular situation vs costs of course . . but it is looking good at the moment!

I know it’s an old thread but I’ve found ctrl “P” works just find for 2D