Which version for landscape integration


I am trying to do landscape integration (not sure if this name is correct in english) on the free version in of SketchUp. I didn’t find a way to import picture on this version and I don’t know if this is possible ?

I am thinking about buying sketchup license but I don’t know which one to resolve my problem : I know I can import picture with the pro license on the desktop software but I would like to know if this is also possible with the “shop” license that is less expensive ?

Thank you in advance

Only the Pro version has access to the terrain information and satellite photo imagery in the geolocation feature. Free versions only get the street map.

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Thank you Anssi

I didn’t I could do that with the pro version. But here I am talking about import a picture in which I can put my 3D model (for object or buildings) like this :

Thank you

I tried the trial of 30 days with the pro license and I realised some of these, I would like to know if this is possible with the “shop” online license

You’re showing Match Photo which currently is a feature only found in SketchUp Pro. It isn’t available in SketchUp Shop.

That image isn’t really suitable for use with Match Photo but it looks like you managed to get it set up reasonably well.

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Thank you DaveR !
I found this picture on internet because I couldn’t use the version anymore. So now I should look for the pro license.

You’re quite welcome.

Go to sketchup.com and get it there. If you are outside of the US, they have a list of authorized resellers. Find the one for your country. https://www.sketchup.com/resellers

FWIW, if you plan to use Match Photo, it is designed to work with two obvious vanishing points on the horizon. That image doesn’t have those vanishing points so the person who set that up was just guessing. It looks like they got it close but Match Photo can do much better with a proper image.

Thank your for all your help !

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