Sketch free to pro designs

I created a design in sketch free then purchased pro. For some reason my pro desktop version still says its in trial mode. I want to access the design I made in sketch free, in my pro version so I can alter it. I tried logging into my trimble account and could only see where i could purchase the pro version. Any help here? Thanks

in help/license, you need to fill that out with the license details that were emailed to you and it should change it from trial to licensed.

ok that works but I still cannot access the design I created in sketchup free.

Can you open the file in SketchUp Free? If so, do that and then download it to your computer. Then you should be able to get on with editing it.

ok I found the solution in another thread thank you!

What was the solution in case someone else comes along and looks at this one?

in PRO I went to file-trimble connect-open model and found the sketchup free model in there

Ah… I thought that’s what you’d done originally. Good you have it sorted.