Which Template do I use to create a Lamp Post?


Hi there, I am new to Sketch Up and need to design a lamp post, a beautiful style like in Rome. Which template is best for this? I am using SketchUp Pro 2017.


Hi. Welcome to SketchUp. :slight_smile:

The templates… The templates are basically (almost) empty .SKP files that enable you to begin your work.

What makes them different and multiple is the diverse information they hold. The templates hold information about measurements (are you going to work with meters, centimeters, millimeters, inches?), visual styles (background colour, face and line colours etc), geolocation and so on and forth.

Through the years I have developed my own style of working and as a result you can see 2 custom templates in the above screenshot. If you’re brand new to SketchUp diving into customizing your own template might be a bad idea as you might mess something up. I would suggest choosing the templates that work on millimeters or meters as a start.


Thank you. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but just getting through the tutorials now.


Just take your time and go slow. Don’t try to learn every possible thing in 1 day. If you face difficulties let us know, so we can help. :slight_smile: SketchUp is a big tasty cake but it should be eaten in small bites.


The Tutorials are a great place to start. Don’t get hung up on the templates, initially it’s just a starting place to get you started in the units that are most comfortable for you. Also you might Check out the 3D warehouse, It could be useful to download a few different streetlights to take apart to see how they were built.


The best way to succeed when learning ANY new software is to go slow and use learning materials as intended. In my experience, people who run off on their own to create an advanced project before they have learned the basics end up frustrated and stall their own learning process (not saying you are doing this, but assuring that taking it one step at a time is the best plan).


Thank you. What a great idea!


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