Template Dimensions

Been using Sketchup offline for 10yrs. Awesome tool. Computer crash so I’m now working via laptop. But… I’m British (Welsh to be exact). We use millimetres. I’ve changed to template to millimetres but when I try creating a line it still uses feet/inches. If I have to use feet/inches then I will as I’m old enough to have been brought up using both, but with end use, millimetres is preferable. Hope someone can help please? (Also first forum I’ve ever joined :-/ )

Ok. Odd. Opened “new” page and template has updated to millimetres

There are two different places where the units can be set. One is when you start a new document, and the other is in settings. You can set your preference to be millimetres. The first document might have been set to inches, but if you changed your settings, the next document will be millimetres.