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I’m new to sketchup. I am using the free online version to see if it suits my needs for woodworking drawings. Could someone please tell me if I can select a template in this version of sketchup? (and how). I want to work in centimetres. thank you.

When you start a new model you get to choose the units, there is millimetres and metres, but not centimetres.

Colin, thanks. Millimetres will do fine.
Is there an option to enter and show dimensions on sketchup, not just the length and breadth of say, a woodwork frame, but also those dimensions which give the size and position of frame components, so as to have a workshop drawing?
Also can it do sections, by which I mean: imagine this frame is to be constructed with mortise and tenon joints, and the maker needs to see inside the frame to see how to make them?

thank you.

Dimension tool and Section Plane tool can both be found on the left, third icon from the bottom.

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Perfect, thanks!

You can create your most simple drawing(s), customized with some preferenced settings (say in your case including cm and maybe precision 0.00 and length snapping = off) and save that drawing as (say the name is) Centimeters (or whatever name you prefere.

Whenever you start a new project you can load this drawing as your template and immediately thereafter , (or after a few modeling steps) save it as the project you’ll be working on.
So basicly you can create your own templates.

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