Centimeters template


I’m on SketchUp Make 15.2.687 32 bit on Windows 7.

I read online that SketchUp has also a centimeters template (now I’m using millimeters template) for 3D drawings but in Preferences>Template there isn’t centimeters templates. I can download it somewhere?


Why download? Just set centimeters in the Model Info->Units then Save As Template.


Better yet, systematically go through all the per model settings–not only units but also such settings as default font, default style and colors, camera position, lighting, default objects, and so on, and then save all these settings in a new template completely customized for your use. Most users end up doing something of the sort sooner or later. The templates that ship with SU are really just examples, or starting points for beginners.



Great! Thanks slbaumgartner and Gully_Foyle for the tips. I had never noticed that you can edit the template, in my few days of experience!