How to get metric units?

is there already a way to set the preferences of my-Sketchup to metric units?
Or maybe load my one template with my personal unit settings?

You need to click the SketchUp icon, and a panel will slide out from the left margin, allowing you to select the metric template.

Thanks Dan for your quick response, i was looking for it for ours.
There is lots to discover

Hello Bep…

Did Dan’s advice help you discover it? It’s under the model info icon. Once there, did the interface make sense to you? Please feel free to discuss your experience.

Thank you for contributing.

That is part of the fun. I always left click and right click everything I can to find all the goodies!

yes Eric, I found it.
Its looks good,very clean and clear.
I am at this point just trying to find out which of the “for me” essential parts are missing, or where to find them.
I will post again if i have another question or suggestion.

Just to clarify.

Templates for new model can be found:
SketchUp-icon > Create new model from a template.

Length units for current model:
SketchUp-icon > Model Info.

Open an existing skp-file:
SketchUp-icon > Open a model from Trimble Connect.

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Nope. My “SketchUp icon” has a “beta” in blue does that mean it isn’t available. I have no “Model info” (there is an Entity Info)

Found it! Under the three horizontal lines on the left there is a “New Model From Template” where you can choose ‘meter’ or ‘millimeter’ templates!

Having already modeled a some, I copy pasted from my previous model into a new template. It worked fine.

This is called a “hamburger menu”, because it looks like a sandwich (panini.)
It’s icon was the SketchUp icon, but they must have changed it.

The old image from the my.sketchup Overview webpage:

@ericdbohn, several images are now out of date on the Help site.

Gregor, how did you copy paste into a new model? Somehow in the browser?

In the browser. Ctrl+A; Ctrl+C; New model (metric template) Ctrl+V.


Interestingly that works, but opening 2 instances my.Sketchup in different windows and copy-pasting between them does not work.

Where do I change from Imperial (US standard) units to metric in the web version of SketchUp (web interface)?

Far left menu at the top drop down and select Model Info.

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But that just changes it for the current model, isn’t it? I’d like to always start with standard international units, not local North American ones.

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I’ve just started with SketchUp so I’m using the latest web version and there isn’t a Model Info bit in the menu that I can see. Anyone know if it’s still possible to change units on an existing model? I’m working on one at the moment that i need to be in metric units…it won’t copy/paste into a new model either… :confused:

What won’t copy and paste into a new model?

Awesome, thanks Dave! Getting the units changed was what I really needed - I was looking for ages for the right thing… :+1:

The menus have changed a little in the Free Web version (2020).
Note: ‘New’ and ‘Open’ behave differently depending if you are in a model or at ‘Home’.
To get ‘Home’ (or use ‘Open’ or ‘New’ from within a model), click the hamburger menu (thee line menu top left).

Templates for new model can be found:
Home > Create new model from a template.

Length units for current model:
Model Info Icon (circle with an ‘i’ in it in right menu) > Length Units

Open an existing skp-file:
Home > Open a model from ‘Trimble Connect’ or ‘My Computer’