Model information, units of measurement

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In the Mac version, there is no such problem. However, in the templates the option ‚Äúmeters‚ÄĚ has disappeared and you must choose ‚Äúmillimeters‚ÄĚ.

When choosing ‚Äúmillimeters‚ÄĚ the units of the template are not millimeters but meters.

I didn’t notice it, I had a problem with layout though, the unit I work with is centimeters but for some reason it was feet and inches on the file, I tried to change it to meters to see if it changed but it was still feet and inches, the program crashed and it was fixed after I opened it again.

Hello! I updated my version of SketchUp yesterday and I just noticed that ‚Äėcentimeters‚Äô does not appear in the Model Units window. I read that it is the same error commented by @projects. It is not resolved by restarting the PC or the program. Is there any solution for it? Thank you very much.