No cm or m units

Hi. Does someone know how to add cm and meters to units? I don’t have a cm or meters template either :C

I think this is a problem in certain translations and the developers are aware of it. Centimeters and meters are available in the English translation.
Screenshot - 11_13_2023 , 8_57_48 AM

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

BTW, your forum profile says you are using SketchUp Go but this is clearly Pro. Please correct your forum profile.

You have repeated “Pies” and “Milímetros” one of then is “centimeter” and the other one is “meters”

Tienes varias opciones repetidas, si seleccionas la última estarás trabajando en metros y la penúltima en centimetros. Con las plantillas pasa lo mismo.
De todas formas comprueba si tienes la última actualización.

Yup, in french too, yard appears twice, one replaces meter.

thankfully, the actual units are correct, so you can quickly see which one is metre, the other belonging in the garden.

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Muchas gracias. Sí me funcionó


Yep i changed it to something else and it worked. tysm