Noob quick start question

Hi there. Could someone suggest a version and a template suitable for house plans in uk metric.

Many thanks


Hello. If you don’t find anything suitable for you from the default templates list, I’d suggest making your own.

Have a look at the Units tab of the Model Info window and twiddle around the length settings. I’d personally advise to set the precision to the highest offered and turn length snapping off.

After that, you can choose a Style which determines your visual properties of SketchUp such as line colour, endoint and profile presence, background etc. When you’re done, simply go to File > Save as Template and when you come back next time, your template will show up in the Welcome window.

Thank you for that. Im sure I will do this soon but at the moment I wanted something out of the box to practice with and wondered what template most people found useful for doing simple house plans so you can visualise various schemes before doing the full blown plans. I just found bathroom furniture etc so thats really great. I am liking this sketchup!

You may want to start with 'Architectural Design - mm (see image):
Don’t trow away your initual plans for you can switch templates whenever you like and it won’t change your model al all, only how it looks like at present. You can adjust templates and ‘Save as …’ (see File menu) as your own when you are satisfied with your new settings. And even they can be adjusted againg later on.