Where's my previous payments

Hi, noobie here.
just wondering if theres a way I can view previous payments in warehouse, im pretty sure I forked out a fair bit of coin in the past but cant seem to find out when.
the stuff I had before is asking for licences and I thought id already bought them.
my sketchup just went from the 30 day to make, don’t know whether that makes a difference.
please help! I want to render my makes

Not sure what you mean, everything in warehouse is free but if you mean a previous purchase of SketchUp then you will have an invoice for whatever email address you used when you purchased.

Ed:sorry extension warehouse! But yes any invoices will be via the email you used when purchasing. All purchases will be tied to your account too unless you used a different email in the past.

You should also be able to go into your EW account to see what you have and then from that list deduce between paid and free.

I assume you are referring to extensions you purchased through the Extension Warehouse. Is that correct? What extension(s) do you think you purchased?

You should have e-mail records of your purchases as Liam wrote.

yeah, extension warehouse.
Artisan organic toolset
Vertex Tools
Ive gone through my bank account and paypal but without dates, prices or the suppliers bank names, I haven’t a clue what to look for…

I have bought them before im sure, but it just says that the trial period is over. but I paid! id already done the trial which is why I bought them

Did you try searching your e-mails? I have e-mails with the license info for extensions I’ve purchased.

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You can also go the respective plugins websites and contact the creators direct they will know what the item names will show up as on the bank statements.

Ill have another look, and contact the creator if I cant find what im looking for.
thanks for the help and quick reply guys

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I bought Artisan toolset pre EW too so my receipt is just on my email.

Open Extension Warehouse in your preferred browser. I like Chrome.
Sign in and click on your username (to the right of the search-magnifying glass icon). Then click “My Extensions”.

This should present you with an accurate listing of all extensions previously downloaded under your username, including those which were purchased. You may need to perform a similar task for extensions obtained thru the SketchUcation site.

I’ve been looking through emails again and can’t find anything, my emails of past purchases are beyond comprehendible… but I’ve just bought the vertex tools and it has no keyword I could use to search for previous emails.
On EW it says the trial period ended for artisan organic toolset extension but I’ve had it well over 15 days, I’ve been using the SubD on it for over a year now. Yet it’s saying I gotta buy it.
I’ve just got a new desktop pc, could this be the issue? I assumed my extensions would carry across with my account on any computer.
Although I did have to download them when I got everything set up… but surely the key comes with my EW/Trimble/Sketchup account?

New hardware wont be a issue, did you contact the actual sellers for keyword/line items?

For example if I search my Google mail for ‘Artisan Organic’ it brings up my original mails from 2011 pre EW. I would think you would be able to find a similar search in your own client.

You might also get a hit for ‘mind sight studios’.

Vertex tools is @thomthom not sure what his company name is.

And ‘Evil Empire’ for Vertex tools and SubD

If you had them licensed on the other computer, the license information is likely still there.

You assumed too much. Each SketchUp installation is a stand alone thing. Extensions need to be installed by the user.

Again, you assume too much. The keys would have been sent to you and it’s up to you to take care of them.

Did you contact the authors of the extensions to see if they can help you retrieve the keys?