Where's edit in place for 2021

The old right click and ‘edit in place’ seems to be missing?

Is there a plugin for that?

thank you,

Look here: https://www.suplugins.com/podium/free-plugins.php

Thanks Dave,
I dont have Podium ,would I just paste into 2021 plugin folder?


Just download it to your computer, go to Extension Manager and click Install Extension. Navigate to where you saved it, select the file and then click Open.

FWIW, I find if I don’t need the rest of the model for reference while editing a component to just hide the rest of the model. I have a keyboard shortcut set up for that so I can toggle the rest of the model on or off.

Thank you, will try that.

Thank you DaveR that worked!

Typically I’ll use it for powers sake while working on a model. Also will try 'hide rest of model.


Actually, at the moment, Podium isn’t compatible with 2021 (see their BB note) so, I’m not sure about edit in place. You can always try it.

Thank you, it worked