The "Edit In Place" command

Hi all… I recently upgraded to Sketchup Pro 2022 (from the 2020 version). As I started using it… I discovered that the Edit In Place command is not showing up when you right click on a group. I liked using it for editing because it opened the group in a new file which you could do your editing, then move it back into your drawing when done. Is this command gone… or what? I watch a lot of youtube videos but I don’t recall Aaron ever mentioning this command.

That isnt a native tool, it comes from a plugin.

I think it comes with SU Podium? Not 100% positive. Did you have Podium installed before?

I did have SU Podium installed. Maybe that is it.

Yes… it was from SU Podium… Thanks to all for the help.

Maybe View>Component Edit>Hide Rest of Model could achieve something similar? Just a thought.

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