Remotely editing component to update in another model

Hi, does anyone know if there is a technique to be able to edit a component in a clean document and the changes update to instances of the component in another model?

My main model is getting weighty so it would be helpful to edit components in an empty model.

SU Podium offers a free extension called EditInPlace that will do what you’re asking.

You can find out about it here:

It’s one of the basics of Components.
Create a local library of components and you can happily edit the individual files and reload them in your model.
As you can see here I created a cube component called Bob and used Save As to save it to a local collection.
Then I opened the file Bob and edited it into a cylinder and closed and saved the file.
Then I reload it in the original model.
This way you can have multiple people working on various components and simply ‘Reload’ them in the original.


Fantastic guys - many thanks!

It’s worth mentioning that the plugin does the exact opposite of what the name suggest. It edits externally, not in place. Edit in place is what happens when you just double click the component.

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